Some give by going
Some go by giving
Since 1990, Hong Kong Catholic Lay Missionary Association has trained and sent 16 lay missionaries to serve in Asia and Africa.
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Advisors and Executive Committee


  • Rev Dominic CHAN, Vicar General
  • Rev. John CIOPPA, MM
  • Rev. Giovanni GIAMPIETRO, PIME
  • Rev. Paul KAM
  • Rev. Renzo MILANESE, PIME
  • Rev. Jack SULLIVAN, MM
  • Sr. Ophelia LUI
  • Sr. Michelle REYNOLDS, MM
  • Mr. Benjamin YU, Barrister-at-law

Executive Committee

  • President: Sharon KWAN
  • Vice-President: Mary YUEN
  • Secretary: Eunice LO
  • Treasurer: Joshua AU YEUNG
  • Committee: Rose CHAN / Margaret PANG / Lawrence POON / Catherine WONG / Lucia WONG

(Last modified: 21-10-2019)