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Since 1990, Hong Kong Catholic Lay Missionary Association has trained and sent 16 lay missionaries to serve in Asia and Africa.
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List of Lay Missionaries

Catherine and Jonathan Yim

(Last modified: 05-12-2019)

Miss Stephania Ling

Stephania served in Calcutta of India from 2010-2017. Then she was sent to serve in Ethiopia in 2018, and South Sudan in 2019.

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(Last modified: 08-10-2020)

Miss Philomena Lau


Ms. Lau Kwok Pik was sent to Thailand in August 2007.

(Last modified: 27-11-2019)

Miss Stephanie Chan

Stephanie Chan was sent to Cambodia in 2000. After participating in the education project of New Humanity, she worked with the Missionaries of Charity in Chom Chau where she taught the children in the hostel for AIDS patients and the girls in nearby villages. After 4 years, she was sent to Kenya in July 2004. She taught Christian Religion Education and English as well as did pastoral work in St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School established by Christian Life Community Kenya and Hands of Love in Kibera (the largest slum in Nairobi).

She came back to Hong Kong in 2012 for a break after serving in Kenya for 8 years. She applied for a doctoral program on education in the Education University of Hong Kong. She graduated with a doctor in education in 2017, focusing her research on inter-cultural education.

After discernment, she decided to go back to Kenya for her mission and was sent to serve in January 2018. She went back to teach and do pastoral work in St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School but the campus has been moved out of Kibera slum area. Now, apart from teaching, she is also a librarian of the school and helps the MC sisters in the Kibera slum during holiday.

(Last modified: 05-12-2019)

Miss Cissy Yim


Ms. Cissy Yim was sent to Cambodia in March 2006. She is learning Khmer and works as the accountant of the Jesuit Service Cambodia.

(Last modified: 27-11-2019)

Miss Wendy Lui


Ms. Wendy Lui was sent to Cambodia in June 2004. She works with Jesuit Service Cambodia. She has helped in the refugee camps and is the Assistant Director of the Catholic Church Student Centre in Phnom Penh.

(Last modified: 05-12-2019)

Miss Rose Yip


Served in Cambodia, Asia.

(Last modified: 27-11-2019)

Miss Lucia Wong


Ms. Lucia Wong joined our Association in 1996. She was sent to Cambodia and participated in the education project of the New Humanity of PIME. Then she worked with Jesuit Service Cambodia. She served as a teacher in the English Support Unit of Royal University of Phnom Penh and as the Assistant Director of the Catholic Church Student Centre. Since 2004, she has been working with the Jesuit Educational Conference-East Asia and Oceania and is teaching in a secondary school.

(Last modified: 27-11-2019)

Miss Eunice Lo


Served with Imelda Lam in Kenya, Africa.

(Last modified: 27-11-2019)

Miss Imelda Lam


Served with Miss Eunice Lo in Kenya, Africa.

(Last modified: 27-11-2019)

Miss Rose Wan


Served with Sister Michelle Cheung in Mauritius, Africa.

(Last modified: 27-11-2019)

Sister Michelle Cheung


Served with Miss Rose Wan in Mauritius, Africa.

(Last modified: 27-11-2019)

Miss Cecilia Ho


Served in Zimbabwe, Africa.

(Last modified: 23-11-2019)