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Since 1990, Hong Kong Catholic Lay Missionary Association has trained and sent 16 lay missionaries to serve in Asia and Africa.
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I (Lucia) came back from the workshop last Tuesday. I am quite tired. The workshop was so good, so rich and so inspiring. I was very happy to meet lay people who have worked with Jesuits for so long. They are so passionate, so willing and ready, so committed in their ministries and ready to share their precious experiences.……

At the workshop, I was struck by the power of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercise……

I am very sure that it is no accident that I was in that workshop. I see it as a calling and an invitation to see what God is asking of me next. I am really grateful to have met all those people. At first I said that I was lucky to be there but now I have to admit that I am blessed.

* Fr Tom O’Gorman, the JCEAO secretary for Ignatian spirituality and Mrs Jenny Go, the JCEAO secretary for Education, organised the workshop. Fr Joe Tetlow, came from Rome to facilitate the preceedings. the workshop was held at Antipolo, in the Philippines from the 26 Nov to 2 Dec, 2003. There were 50 other Jesuits and lay partners from around the Assistancy. The countries are Taiwan, HK, Australia, Indonesia, East Timor, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia

Lucia Wong

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